Saturday, October 15, 2016

Another gift...that I didn't deserve

A beautiful Saturday morning.  The rain stopped sometime during the night.  Patches of clouds are racing through the sky.  I can feel the strong breeze sitting by the window.  Another beautiful day given to me, and their gaze is intense.  How would I treat this day, this gift?

It is good to have time-capsule posts.  You get to see what was important to you in the past.  Several of such one year time capsule posts have suddenly appeared on my blog.

To have a better respect for a single day given to you, start counting your life in days, instead of counting it in years.  You will realize how quickly it is slipping out of your hands.

I am thinking of trying another technique for better management of time.  Write down the work done every hour.  Put the 24 hour time intervals in this Word file, and then every hour jot down what was accomplished in the hour that just passed.  Will try this technique today.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Mice Infestation?

In response to my email message yesterday, I got this:

I’ll get some mouse traps today.


S came in the afternoon.  He put rat food on the two glue traps he bought with him and put the two traps in the attic at its very entrance from the garage.
He said the food smell was so strong, rats, if present in the attic, will be attracted to the trap.  He will come back on Tuesday to see if he got any mice in the trap.  If not, he will move the traps farther inside the attic, right above our bedroom.
Let's see how it works out.
BTW, I did not hear any mice activity our bedroom this morning.

Monday, October 03, 2016

A bright, sunny Saturday morning...ruled by a mild fear of rodents

October 3, 2015
The rodent saga continues.

This message went today:
Now that you have kindly trimmed the tree branches I can bet there are mice in the attic.  This morning I could hear them chewing on stuff in the attic, above the bedroom.
In hindsight, I think the dropping Hina discovered the first day, outside the garage toilet, could be from a rodent.
Please help.

Sunday, October 02, 2016

One year time capsule post

October 2, 2015

Rodent Infestation Averted?

Wonder what it would be like one year from now.  Most probably we won't be living here.

I sent the following message to S:

A couple of days ago we were talking to Brenda, neighbor to the right, when we found out she is trying to solve her rodent infestation problem; she mentioned that her neighbor on the other side also has the same problem.  Subsequent to that conversation I started paying more attention to any noise coming from our attic.  Can't tell if I am being paranoid, but I do hear some rustling in attic late at night.  There is a tree in front that has its branches touching the roof surface.  Yesterday, when the gardeners came I talked to them about the possibility of trimming the tree branches; they said I'd have to talk to the owner (you). Thought I should bring all this to your attention, before this rodent problem really surfaces here.

S was here today.  He trimmed the tree branches.  He said in the last twenty-five years the rodent problem came up only twice and he was able to take care of it.  He said as a precaution he will put a few mouse traps, with peanut butter in them, in the attic.  He also thought what I heard late at night might be the neighbor's cats walking on our roof.

I am still afraid of mice, especially because we have a lot of open boxes in the garage.  I don't want mice to get in there.

Saturday, October 01, 2016

An oil change

3:30, Reached at the Precision Tune for an oil change.  The middle-aged receptionist man with long hair quickly registered me.  He said I could leave the car and go as it was going to take at least an hour.  I told him I would be waiting right there, as I did not anywhere to go to—I did not have a ride either, to go from there to anywhere.  After he printed out the bill and asked me to put my ‘autograph’ I casually asked him if the deal included tire rotation.  I had showed him a $16.95 coupon (with $3.45 other fee and taxes).  He said no, the deal only included oil and oil filter change.  I told him the coupon said otherwise.  He wanted to see the coupon one more time.  Showed him the coupon on my phone.  It did indeed say the deal included tire rotation and brake inspection.  He was not too happy with that.  He said they were a repair shop and not a discount oil change place.  He threw away the old printout and printed out a new bill and had me sign it.  I sat there in their waiting room and started writing.  Later, when I saw the Accord being taken for oil change I went out to see what was happening.  The receptionist was there, smoking a cigarette.   I talked to him and found out his name was Bud.  He was a chatterbox.  He grew up in this area.  He said by the time he turned 16, he already had three cars.  His mother looked out of the window and asked about the cars lined up by the street.  ‘I said they were all mine’, he told me proudly.  He said he had bought cars for as low as $20/$30.  He had an older couple as a customer who drove an old car, white in color; the couple drove it with utmost care.  He said the Accord I had was a 250-260 car (that it could go as high as 250,000 miles)—it had 169,000 miles on it then.  He advised me to use quality gas: Chevron, Texaco, 76.

Tuesday, September 06, 2016

2016 NED Alumni International Convention, Houston—a personal account

NED Alumni Convention 2016, Houston—a personal account

For two days I was in a different world, surrounded by wonderful people. They were all friends—people who I studied with, who I knew about, and others who were associated with the NED University one way or another.

The NED University alumni of North America meet every year to keep in touch and to learn about others’ continuing journeys in life.  The bond is the NED University—the time spent there has, to a large extent defined us, shaped us, made us. Spending good times with old friends does wonders to your psychological health.

Friday afternoon
Met Zulki Khan of Nexlogic at the Oakland airport.  He was on the same flight going to Houston.

Friday night
A welcome dinner was followed by an entertainment program in which jokes were told and songs were sung.  Ran into Riaz Haq, Yasmin Haq, Dr. Osama Khan, Dr. Shazia Hasni, Rashid Ali Baig, Amir Ul Islam, Ali Haider (Olympian) and several others.
Several people came late and missed the dinner.  A few friends went out and got kabab-parathay from Bundu Khan.
Many of us then headed out to see Houston and ended up at Chatt & Pan, next to Sheikh Chilly’s.
Safwan Shah, Sohail Bashir, Zulki Khan, Arif Sattar, Moeen Ahmed, Mohammad Arshad, Mani, Irfan, and at least a dozen others from the convention were there.
Leaving the restaurant ran into Tanvir Alam Mallick, Samina, and Dr. Asma Ali.

Saturday morning
Breakfast followed by panel discussions
Missed the first session.
Saw Mazhar Ali (PTV actor) who stopped by to meet friends.
In the second session saw Mike Zaidi (Mukhtar Zaidi) moderating a panel that had Dr. Khurshid Qureshi of DICE, Dr. Osama Khan, and others on it.
Lunch was followed by a brainstorming session: ideas on renewable energy, reviving the NED University, etc.  Dr. Firasat Ali and Dr. Afzal Haque (NED Vice Chancellor) were there.

With Salman Siddiqui, Syed Naeemuddin, and Ali Asghar went out to get mithai from Raja Sweets on Hillcroft.

Evening program
Awards given to all the organizers. Speech by Congressman Al Green.
Pleasantly surprised to see Urdu poet Ghazanfar Hashmi in the audience.
Also ran into Nadeem Hussain, the last president of the NED University Student Union.
Excellent dinner--desserts included falooda and Gajar-ka-halwa.  Sat with Sohail Rafiq, Salman Siddiqui, Bilal Ahmad, Muhammad Saleem, and Ishaque Patel of our class.
Dinner followed by the keynote. Ashraf Habibullah, 69, of CSI, is probably the funniest CEO of a major California Corporation.
Mind reader--we could figure out each one of his 'mind-reading' acts
Songs by Ali Haider

Sunday morning
Left the hotel early; had to return the car before catching the flight to Oakland.
Because of the construction work on the Northwest freeway (in front of Crowne Plaza Brookhollow) had a hard time following the GPS directions, but still managed to reach IAH on time.
On the flight to Oakland ran into the same group of people who flew with me on Friday.

I came back, recharged, ready to tackle life for another year.

Saturday, June 18, 2016

The future is shaped by those who ....

The future is shaped by those who cannot wait for tomorrow till tomorrow.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Tony Seba and the 'Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation'

Tony Seba is the author of 'Clean Disruption of Energy and Transportation', a book being enthusiastically read by Environmentalists and Renewable Energy aficionados.  In his book Tony Seba predicts that by 2030 all new vehicles being built will be Electric Vehicles (EVs). The EVs are definitely the future of transportation, but can they become so prevalent in the next 14 years?  Is Tony Seba a renewable technology agent whose book is changing the minds of the general population, paving way for an expedited acceptance of the EVs?  Is Seba the ultimate self-fulfilling prophecy prophet?

A Challenge for the photovoltaic (PV) Industry

A Challenge for the photovoltaic (PV) Industry

When are we going to see a solar-cell making factory being powered solely by photovoltaic panels?  A factory making clean energy products must not run on 'dirty energy.'

Clinton in the White House

People say it is going to be a woman presidency this time--the first time ever in the history of the United States.  Some still remember the male Clinton presidency.  Even with all kinds of conflicts going on in the world at that time the President was able to take time out for Monica.  This time around while the female Clinton is busy at work, the male one will have all the time in the world.  White House women interns beware!