Friday, May 22, 2015

A Western Union Online Chatting Experience

Western Union Online Chatting Experience--May 22, 2015, around 11: 15 am [California time]
[Time notes added later]

 Jasmine: Hi, my name is Jasmine. How may I help you? Ali: Yes, Jasmine.  Want to send money to Pakistan. Ali: If I pay in cash at a Western Union location, will there be a fee? Ali: Are you there? Ali: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali: ? Ali: ? Ali: ? Ali: Anyone there??????????????????????????? [Several minutes later]
 Jasmine: Hello. Ali: Finally. Jasmine: I apologize for the late response. Ali: Apology not accepted yet. Jasmine: Yes, there will be fees if you send your transaction at a location. Ali: How much is the fee? Ali: Or, Fee-wise what's the least expensive way to send money to Pakistan?
[Several minutes later]  Ali: Are you once again ignoring me, Jasmine? Jasmine: I am checking. Ali: thanks. Ali: Still checking, jasmine" Ali: ?
[Several minutes later]  Jasmine: there is a fee in sending it to Pakistan. Ali: You already said that.  How much? Jasmine: For example you sent $100, the fee would be $9.99 Ali: Is it better to send the money through WU web site, or better to walk to a location?  Which one incurs less fee? Jasmine: To a location. Less hassle and the money will be available within minutes. Ali: But the fee? Ali: Same? Jasmine: The fee is $9.99 for $100 transaction. Ali: Sending online vs sending from a physical location of Western Union? Jasmine: How much do you intend to send? Ali: $120 Jasmine: Same fee, $9.99 Ali: thanks, Jasmine. Ali: but that's not what I see online. Ali: I am afraid you know very little about the company you work for. Ali: You need extensive training. Ali: In manners, in education about WU services, etc. etc. Jasmine: Ali: Bye now.