Friday, January 04, 2008

This-he: Cemendtaur's small gift to the English language

This-he: a small gift to the English language

(This-he, thishe, this he; feminine: this-she, thisshe, this she)

I...What a terrible word? Single-lettered, skinny, but still so pompous. That is why writers hate to use it. 'Yours truly'--as in, Yours truly firmly believes in obeying grammar and syntax rules others have defined--is a good substitute, but the combo has an air of funniness about it. How about 'me'?   As in, ‘Me favors being a bit naughty in spoken language.’ Yes, nice, but it does not sound that great in formal writing.

Being a writer who believes in making up words one cannot find for proper expression, yours truly will like to give the gift of ‘this-he’ as a substitute to ‘I’, to the English language. From now on this-he will consciously use this word in his writings.

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