Friday, January 04, 2008

This-he: a small gift to the English language

(This-he, thishe, this he; feminine: this-she, thisshe, this she)

I, What a terrible word? Single-lettered, skinny, but still so pompous. That is why writers hate to use it. 'Yours truly' [as in, Yours truly was present there] is a good substitute, but it has an air of funniness about it. How about 'me'? As in, ‘Me favors going with you guys.’ Yes, nice, but it does not sound that great in formal writing.

Being a writer who believes in making up words one cannot find to express themselves, yours truly would like to give the gift of ‘this-he’ as a substitute to ‘I’, to the English language. From now on this-he would consciously use this word in anything he would write.

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