Saturday, October 15, 2016

Another gift...that I didn't deserve

A beautiful Saturday morning.  The rain stopped sometime during the night.  Patches of clouds are racing through the sky.  I can feel the strong breeze sitting by the window.  Another beautiful day given to me, and their gaze is intense.  How would I treat this day, this gift?

It is good to have time-capsule posts.  You get to see what was important to you in the past.  Several of such one year time capsule posts have suddenly appeared on my blog.

To have a better respect for a single day given to you, start counting your life in days, instead of counting it in years.  You will realize how quickly it is slipping out of your hands.

I am thinking of trying another technique for better management of time.  Write down the work done every hour.  Put the 24 hour time intervals in this Word file, and then every hour jot down what was accomplished in the hour that just passed.  Will try this technique today.