Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A Terrorist Sworn In

Impeach Obama Now campaign has distributed the following letter on the Internet.

Dear Fellow Countrymen,

The morning after horror has dawned on the conscientious people of this great nation of ours. As if a faltering economy, two wars going bad were not enough to sap our spirits we now have a terrorist as our president. It is hard not to notice dark clouds gathering over us. The Western Civilization is under attack from within.

This charlatan sworn in yesterday as the President of the USA wants to hide his revealing middle name by abbreviating it to a harmless H—so that you may believe H is for Harry. No, People, H is not for Harry or Harvey or Hansen. This terrorist's name is Barack Hussein Obama. In fact it would be very appropriate to abbreviate the other two irrelevant names and call him B Hussein O. That is his real identity. B HUSSEIN O. Ladies and Gentlemen, Now how many Husseins have you met that were either not terrorists or did not have terrorist tendencies?

And People, You must understand what this man is all about. His father was a Muslim, a terrorist. His father may have passed away but you can bet he has plenty of relatives on the terrorist side of his family—people who are looking for any opportunity to harm us, the Americans.

And you know where this man spent his childhood. Yes, in Indonesia, a terrorist country. And what did he do in Indonesia? He went to a madrassa. And what do they teach in a madrassa? Do you think they are taught Physics and Chemistry in a madrassa? Do you think the madrassa students are doing experiments to find out the focal point of a concave mirror, or they are busy in doing titration experiments? NO. They are hard at work learning hatred: hatred, hatred, hatred of others, hatred for all those who are not Muslims. That is what they are taught in a madrassa, day in and day out. They have grade classes in madrassa, but they are called Hate Grades: Hate Grade 1, Hate Grade 2, and so on.

Open a madrassa curriculum book and you would find, Chapter 1: How to Hate Christians, Chapter 2: Hating Hindus Made Easy, Chapter 3: Powerful Strategies to Hate Jews, Chapter 4: How to Hate Buddhists and Enjoy It Too. The madrassa students are sometimes asked to read books outside their curriculum but those books are also about hate, perennially popular titles like "Love Ties You Up, Hate Sets You Free", "The Joy of Hatred", "An Idiot's Guide for Mastering Hatred", and "How to Hate Everyone in 5 Minutes (Or Less)."

Do you know which book sold most copies in Saudi Arabia, last year? It was "All You Wanted to Know About Hatred And Were Afraid to Ask." Ladies and Gentlemen, These people don't have 'love' in their day-to-day vocabulary. In their culture, the process of making babies is not called love-making; it is called hate-making. That's why after reading his nuptial sermon the Imam looks at the newly-wed couple and says; "Now the two of you are free to hate each other."
And it was because of this absence of 'love' in their culture that our McDonald's had a hard time coming up with a culturally sensitive marketing refrain in the Muslim world—it finally settled on "I'm hatin' it."

People, Four centuries ago our forefathers got rid of these people from the continent of Europe—we threw them out of Spain. It was our greatest mistake in the near past to start giving them political asylums, or bring them here on student visas. And that is how the current terrorist president was born. Now we have to suffer because of that terrible mistake.

You must understand that these Muslims are not like us. Unlike the Western Civilization these people are not trying to solve the problems of this world: thinking about global warming, about patching holes in the ozone layer, or worrying about distant asteroids hitting the world and jeopardizing our existence. No, nothing like that. These Muslims just want to breed like rabbits and take control of the world.

The Muslim population of the world is increasing exponentially. It is not obvious here in North America right now, but in Europe go to any city, go to its outlying neighborhoods, turn any corner and you would find a Muslim coming your way, or a woman in veil. The situation is out of control. Whoever came up with the idea that "a good Muslim is a dead Muslim" was a genius. We need to start this process of making good Muslims, NOW.

And don't be deceived, People, In appearance one Muslim may not look like another Muslim but deep inside they are all the same: products of an assembly line of hate. Hatred is the only human emotion they are capable of holding. In mosques, the terrorist training centers, where these people go five times a day or at least once a week, the only thing they are taught is hatred. And if their Imam ever fails in delivering a sermon full of hate they get angry with him. You know what these people do when they get angry. The Imam knows it too and that's the reason the Imam gets everybody remove their shoes outside the mosque.

What is the first thing your president—yes, B Hussein O may be your president, but I can never accept a terrorist as my president—what does this president want to do? He wants to close Gitmo, so that he can release his terrorist brothers. What do you think those dangerous criminals are going to do when we let them go? Yes, they are going to attack us. Next thing you know this terrorist president would turn back on his election promise of bombing Pakistan.

Ladies and Gentlemen, This con artist was a bit political in making important cabinet appointments in his first term. But you can bet he would be bolder in his second term. That is, if God forbid you elect this beast again. In his second term he is going to appoint Al-Zawahiri as the Secretary of State and Osama Bin Laden as his Secretary of Defense. So, please People, stop this degenerative civilization from taking over our country. Impeach this terrorist now. Impeach B Hussein O, NOW.

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