Sunday, November 25, 2007

The mystery of young Pakistani-American men dying in their sleep

There is a mystery I need to solve—the puzzle involves murders. In my personal knowledge there are three, but my friend Annie Akhter tells me she knows of six (6) cases involving young Pakistani-American men dying in their sleep. All six of them were 22 through 28 years old. They all lived pretty normal lives. Some were good students, other were not. All of them were fairly healthy; all of them had completed their studies and had either just started working or were about to start their working lives. And each one of them went to bed one day to take care of important things in the morning, and the morning never came. In many of these cases no autopsy was done. For others, families are hesitant to share private information with us.

But we got to know what is happening.
Imagine the possibilities a young man in his prime holds, the life one sees ahead when he is 25—all hopes, every expectation dashed by a sudden death. It is hard not to be enraged.

Do you have any pertinent information about any of the six cases that have happened within the last 6 months, in the Pakistani-American community? Or, do you have general ideas about what might be killing young Pakistani-American men? Would you like to share your thoughts with us, either by your real name or anonymously?

Annie and I have decided to study each case thoroughly and develop a profile. We hope we can reach important conclusions and avert similar deaths in future.

For example, we would like to find out from each aggrieved family:
List of all the people the deceased man met the last day of his life.
Minute by minute account of last 6 hours of his life before he went to sleep.

And most importantly we would like to interview the best friends of these young men.

Such a study is important not only because these are far too many deaths to be apportioned to vagaries of life, but the analysis would also help parents of other young men to watch out for certain anomalies--obviously, our assumption at this point is that there are red flags to notice.

Can you help us, please?

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Cemendtaur said...

Actor Heath Ledger died in his sleep. He was 28. Was it a case of drug overdose? Of what has been called 'Oxy-killing'?

Were the young men we are talking about also got killed by an overdose of OxyContin?

Anonymous said...

Sedatives (Xanax, Valium, etc.) taken with alcohol can possibly kill you. Were these young men too ignorant to know that you should not mix drugs?