Thursday, January 17, 2008

Bhuttos of Pakistan

Why is the western media so enamored by the Bhuttos of Pakistan? There is hardly any other family in Pakistani that has received as much media attention as the Bhuttos have? Why? Is it because in these times when the ‘war on terror’ is being fought in Pakistan and that country’s political future appears uncertain, the contingent of foreign correspondents working in Pakistan has grown and these journalists are filing reports on whatever they find worthy of coverage, and Benazir Bhutto’s assassination has put her family in the limelight? Is that it?
What do you think?

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail.


Anonymous said...

A nineteen year kid made Chairman of Pakistan’s political party? What a joke? This 19 year old, through his father, going to tell senior party members like Aitzaz Ahsan what to do? Atizaz Ahsan should slap this kid in face and say, "Shut up you 19-year old moron."


Anonymous said...

Western media covers Bhuttos because Bhuttos speak their language, English. Unfortunately that’s the only language they speak and that is why they are completely irrelevant for Pakistan.

AhsanSoomro said...

Dear C,

Before asking us what we think, why not tell us what you
think. Are you a PPP supporter? In case you are let me educate you a bit, if I may.

Sir Shahnawaz Bhutto, Benazir’s grandfather, got knighted because he was a chamcha of Angrez colonists.
He got knighted and received a lot of land, in reward for his loyalty to the foreign masters (and disloyalty to his fellow countrymen). Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir’s father, was no
revolutionary. He raised the slogan of roti, kapra, and makan, and spoke for the rights of the poor, but lived a luxurious life and did not give a bit of his land to the peasants who work on
them, and produce income for him. ZAB espoused socialist ideology, wherever it benefited him, because socialism was a prevalent philosophy in those times, and not because he was an original thinker
of any sort.

ZAB's two sons were up to no good; the only thing they were used to was an easy privileged life. They
died deaths they deserved. Benazir
Bhutto got some education but never had any vision about the country. Read her book and you would see that the only
thing she was concerned about was to take revenge of his father's judicial assassination. Because no philosophy, deeper questions about social justice, passed through her mind, she was a total
failure being country’s prime minister (twice).
She was manipulated by the Generals and acted on her greedy husband’s need for stealing more and more money.

So, now we are on to the 4th generation of a
family that has brought nothing but shame to the land it belongs to.
Ahsan Soomro

Sanjeev said...

What is the next word that comes to your mind when I say the
word 'Zardari'.

Choar, yes, right answer.