Monday, January 07, 2008

Say No to Lara Logan

Musharraf was interviewed by Lara Logan

If I were Musharraf I would have refused to be interviewed by Lara Logan, or for that matter any other woman who looks more like a fashion model than a journalist--the looks of these beauties are too distracting. You are bound to smile at wrong occasions and say foolish things.

It was completely stupid of Musharraf to say in the interview that Benazir Bhutto was--to some extent--responsible for her own killing, but unfortunately there is some truth to it. If you see the footage of BB's speech in Liaqat Bagh moments before her assassination you would notice that she was fired up. One can guess she was still adrenaline-drenched on leaving the rally; she must have felt on top of the world, a beloved leader of suffering masses who had complete faith in her--in short, it was her moment of hubris, of the ultimate weakness. When she heard people going hoarse yelling 'Jiyay Bhutto' she could not resist opening the sunroof of the SUV and come out to wave at them. Darwin got her.

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