Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Save Parviz Kambakhsh

According to news reports, the 23-year old man shown in the picture above has been sentenced to death in Afghanistan. Why? Because he wrote things which some people did not like and conveniently termed un-Islamic--whatever that means.
Why is the Bush administration keeping mum about this case? Because the trial took place in Afghanistan under a government loyal to the US. If a witch hunt case like this would have surfaced in Iran, this administration would have been jumping up and down telling us how evil the Iranians are.

Look around you. I am sure you would find many who are 23-year old or thereabouts. It could be your brother, your sister, your son, or a nephew. Ask yourself how would you feel seeing one of your young loved ones being sentenced to death for writing something others don't like.

Ask yourself what you can do to save the life of Parviz Kambakhsh.

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