Thursday, February 28, 2008

Senator Obama's dark side

Obama practices a religion that is a mixture of Christianity, Islam, and Shamanism. Every night followers of this religion gather around a fire and do some chanting (reading from the Bible); then they do a clockwise dance around the fire. The service ends with everybody facing towards Mecca; a doll resembling Christopher Columbus is passed around and each member gets to poke a needle in the doll. The doll is then thrown in the fire and the congregation yells in unison, "Hallelujah. Death to Romans. Death to terrorists. Death to intruders."

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I-love-Monica-Lewinsky said...

While being the acting president Bill Clinton could find time to have fun with the young White House aides. Imagine what he would with his wife running the government, and he with all the time on his hand and being in the White House. We are talking about a bull in a china shop.