Wednesday, April 16, 2008

In Goa, it was 15

It is way past midnight. A 15-year old drugged British girl walks in a bar in Goa. There are predators in the bar who see an opportunity…the rest is a couple of months old bad news—it is called the Scarlett Keeling rape and murder case.

Scarlett Keeling’s case has many dimensions to it. A 15-year old girl, a minor, let loose by her parents; this minor girl high on drugs and booze, a fact that highlights the lively drug culture and underage drinking in Goa that the local police condones; Goan police initially insisting Scarlett died of drowning in the sea; an Indian postmortem in which, allegedly, Scarlett’s several organs were removed.

What a sad way for a 15-year old girl to die! It was not just Scarlett who got raped in Goa, it was the ultimate humiliation of a pervert culture that tells people that the best thing they can do in life is to get high on LSD.

The case is open and a few punishments are in order. Along with the rapists, Scarlett's parents too need to be punished for doing a terrible job in bringing up a child and making her vulnerable for rape and death.

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