Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Shame on you Pakistani political party workers and lawyers!

First Arbab Ghulam Rahim manhandled by PPP workers and now Sher Afgan beaten up by lawyers. Shame on you Pakistani political party workers and lawyers! With this assault on Sher Afghan the so-called lawyers' movement has nosedived into filth. Disgusting! The truth is, there was no lawyers' movement, it was just a mob--a couple of months back the mob was chanting the right slogans, saying things we liked to hear. Peel away that thin veneer of rightspeak and you would find an unruly, savage crowd that never had any respect for rule of law. It is a depressing reality to cope with.


Anonymous said...

Dear Cemendtaur,

Just because of few hyper activists and many *unknown* agency people, you cannot tag the whole lawyer community and politicians and the civil movement as a SHAME.

It has been proven that these acts were personal grievances that oozed out when people saw Sher Afghan and Irbab Ghulam. If you would have been in Pakistan in the days when these people use to defend the military coup and it's repercussions (lal mosque, wazirstan, swat valley, 12th May, 9th March, 3 November, 18th October), you probably would have the same feelings.

These acts are condemnable, but we should stay united and should not impact the civil movement against military tyranny and a rubber-stamp parliament or judiciary.

With Regards,

Anonymous said...

yes, thank you. The lawyers movement is a sophisticated and organized movement of people dedicated to democracy. If you hear accounts of their personal sacrifices to remain united and to show up in rain an blistering heat - get brutalized, you will have eternal respect for them. please lets not vilify them so immediately.

Cemendtaur said...

thanks to both of you.
This-he has come to the conclusion that among all these "movements" the 'sophistication' and 'organization' ends with the few people trying to lead a pack of howling humanoids.
But you may disagree and choose to imagine bright stars and moonlight.