Monday, October 26, 2009

TCF Chairman, Arshad Abdulla dies in Germany

Monday, October 26. Losing a long battle with prostate cancer, Pakistani philanthropist and educationalist Arshad Abdulla (alternatively spelled as Arshad Abdullah), died in Germany this morning. An architect by profession--he, along with his younger brother Shahid Abdulla, was the owner of ASA (Arshad Shahid Abdulla, a leading architectural firm based in Karachi)--Arshad Abdulla was a cofounder of The Citizens' Foundation (TCF), a non-profit organization building schools all over Pakistan.

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M. Ahmed said...

Arshad Abdullah was a very humble man who despite achieving so much remained a humble and unassuming man. He was an inspiration to those of us who were lucky to know him. May Allah grant him jannah

Anonymous said...

Found a few condolence notes people wrote to each other and to members of the TCF family on October 26, 2009.

"It is with great sadness that I am informing all of you that our Chairman, Arshad Abdullah sb passed away this morning in Germany. On behalf of the Board of Directors and the management of TCF, please accept our heartfelt and deepest condolences.

As all of you know, Arshad sb was one of the six founders who created TCF and put into action the dream of educating those who do not have access to quality education. Today TCF is where it is because of individuals like Arshad sb who, despite their personal commitments and time constraints, have devoted so much time, energy and effort to help us move forward.

Please join me in a prayer for Arshad sb’s Maghfirat, May Allah sbt give him a place in Jannah and give his family the strength to bear this irreparable loss."

Anonymous said...

and this

"It is a great loss to TCF, that we have lost Mr. Arshad Abdullah our Chairman. It is God wish, He needs good people their.

May God bless his soul and give patience to all his family and friends.

I have met personally our Dear Mr. Abdullah and he was tremendous asset for TCF and fully dedicated to the cause of TCF and one of the original founder.

I am lost of words to describe our loss and contributions of Mr. Arshad Abdullah.

May God give him place in Janatul Firdous."

Anonymous said...

and this one:

"We too are deeply grieved by the news of Arshad's passing away and join the TCF family in condolences to his dear ones. Arshad was a true gentleman and conducted himself with sincerity, kindness and compassion towards all, especially Pakistan's underprivileged. His contribution to TCF is among his legacy as he leaves us a striking example of leadership with a gentle voice and balanced views."