Thursday, March 04, 2010

Israeli Terrorists Caught on Tape

It is a chilling video.
It is 8:30 pm. Four men are inside Mahmoud al Mabhouh's room (Room 230) in Hotel Al Bustan Rotana in Dubai, killing him. A woman and a man are walking up and down in the hallway, making sure no one disturbs this operation. It is the same woman, who, most probably, minutes earlier, knocked at Room 230 and said,
“Room Service, Please.”
Mahmoud al Mabhouh probably looked through the peephole, and on seeing a woman outside opened the door. The four assassins used that opportunity to quickly enter Room 230. The woman stayed behind, along with a man in a business suit. They pace the hallways talking gibberish in low tones, to ensure the killing operation goes smoothly. [The other theory says the four assassins entered Room 230, when Mahmoud was away. You need some technical knowledge of electronic key cards and how to make a key card that opens your hotel room open other doors.]
The assassins did not carry any guns. They used their muscles—see their muscles at 3:27-- to subdue Mahmoud, to beat him up really bad, and to ultimately put him on his bed and suffocate him to death, using a pillow. The murderers remained in Room 230 for around twenty minutes. They probably checked Mahmoud’s heartbeat, several minutes after he ceased resistance to the pillow thrust against his face, to make sure he was indeed dead.
The CCTV footage does not show the other five members of the 11-member Mossad team that had arrived in Dubai, for this operation. Of the five other members, not seen here, one was probably acting as the main coordinator. Then there was another team of four hit-men that most probably would have killed Mahmoud had he stayed in the other hotel he had stayed in, in previous visits to Dubai. If Mahmoud had stayed in the other hotel, the two-member team of Kevin and Gail (seen in business suits, in this video) would have facilitated the operation at that location.

So how much money Mossad spent on carrying out this terrorist operation?
Eleven people flying from Israel to various destinations in Europe, then flying in to Dubai, then flying back to the European destinations, and finally flying back to Israel. That is a minimum of $16,500 expense.
Hotel expenses: $3,300
Dining, shopping, and other expenses: $3,300
Money spent on skilled forgery of European passports: $550
Total expenses=$23,650,
Say, approximately $25,000

And why did this all happen? Because Mahmoud was a “terrorist.” Forget about the history. Forget about how Europeans grabbed Arab lands and shooed away the unwanted Arabs. Forget about an aggrieved group of people, without a state behind it, without an army, trying to fight for its rights. If they don’t have an army, but still want to fight, then they are terrorists.
Thanks God we live in North America where we have successfully pushed all potential terrorists into “Indian Reserves.” Why don’t the Palestinians accept a similar fate for themselves?

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