Sunday, September 16, 2012

NED Alumni Association of the Silicon Valley, an Introduction

The silicon content of the Silicon Valley dirt is no higher than that of other dirt in other places.  The Silicon Valley derives its name from the fact that the area around the south San Francisco Bay—and especially the south peninsula area with the Santa Cruz mountains to its west and the Bay to its east—has for decades provided a lion’s share in pushing the world in the modern age of fast communications and light speed computations; the semiconductor industry—using silicon based wafers—being the backbone of this high-tech revolution.  The NED graduates have been at the forefront of this technology revolution.  With the oldest NED alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area being a 1958 graduate and the young ones coming every year, the Valley is estimated to have over two hundred NED graduates.  The NED Alumni Association of the Silicon Valley with a mission ‘to connect, serve, empower and support NEDians and the NED University’ holds regular meetings on the third Wednesday of every month.  Join their Yahoo group at
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