Thursday, December 03, 2015

The Secret Life of Syed Farook (Farooq) and Tashfeen Malik

You sit calmly in a meeting.  Later, people see you leaving the room; some think you looked upset when you left.  Only half-an-hour later you show up with your wife.  The two of you are armed--you start shooting people and then run away.

Does all of this make sense?

Where was your wife when you first came to the meeting?  In the car, with guns?  Or, did you quickly go home from the meeting, packed wife and guns and re-appeared at the scene to kill people?

So many questions, very few answers.

Here is what we really really know (if you believe the western media).

1. On Tuesday, December 2, there was a meeting going on at the Inland Regional Center. Syed Farook was an employee of the Center.

2. Two people, in ski masks, appear at the Inland Regional Center and start shooting people, including those present in the large meeting room.

3. A woman who attended the meeting, but left for the bathroom shortly before the shooting started said Syed Farook was an attendee of the meeting and angrily left the room earlier.

4. Police quickly finds out Farook's home address, reaches there; a shootout ensues leaving Farook and his partner/wife dead.

You are welcome to make your story based on these facts.

Photo courtesy of the Washington Times


Anonymous said...

Possible Scenarios:

#1 Police are right.
On Tuesday, Farook came loaded with guns. Guns and wife waiting for the right time in the car, at the Center's parking lot.

Anonymous said...

We are told not too long ago the couple went to Saudi Arabia.
A lot of people went for haj (to Saudi Arabia), only months ago.

Anonymous said...

As reported earlier, Farook had to go to a doctor's appointment that day (for himself, his wife, his child?). Farook was not even at the meeting.
But since the bathroom-going-woman said Farook was there, Police connected the dots. Syed Farook--definitely a terrorist--must be killed without asking any questions.
Police reached Farook's home and killed the two adults present there.
Then, What about the shooters in the ski-masks? Where are they?

Anonymous said...

Syed Farook was indeed one of the shooters, but his companion was not his wife. That person is in police custody.

Anonymous said...

Where is the video footage of the shooting, recorded by the building surveillance cameras?