Saturday, March 25, 2006

Karachi Doctors and Quacks

Karachi is full of quacks. They include people who apparently have medical degrees, but still end up hurting people more often than healing them. A good friend of mine, who wants to remain anonymous, has compiled a list of doctors who have good reputation (information collected through first-hand accounts). Here is the list. [Very shortly I will also put here the list of doctors you should avoid, along with their sordid tales (once again, knowledge gained from first-hand accounts.)] So, here are the good ones, along with their fields of specialization.

List of Consultants
May 04, 2005
SN Name Of Doctor Clinic Address / Phone No. Remarks
01 Anesthesia
Dr. Wajahat Malik at Anklesaria Hospital
Dr. Sadeea Hayder at Civil Hospital

02 Cardiac
Dr. Khan Shah Zaman at Medicare
Dr. Asad Pathan at OMI Hospital
AKUH (Agha Khan Hospital)

03 Children
Dr. Aysha Mehnaz at Civil Hospital
Midtown, Bahadurabad
Dr. Habiba Hasan at Medicare
Dr. Zeenat Esani at Mehran Clinic

04 Dental
Dr. Rafeel at Seven Day Hospital

05 Diabetes
Dr. Tahir Hussain at Remedial Center

06 Dietitian & Nutritionist
at Seven Day Hospital

07 ENT
Dr. Umer Farooq at Anklesaria Hospital
Faiz-e-Aam Hospital
Dr. Aleem Kadir at Jinnah Hospital
Private Clinic, Garden, Above Café Mubarak
Dr. Abbas Zafar at Abbasi Shaheed Hospital
OMI Hospital

08 Eye
Dr. Misbah Aziz at Hashmani Hospital
Dr. Kashir Haider at Hashmani Hospital
Dr. Muneer Qureshi at Taj Medical Complex

09 Gynecology
Dr. Nighat Shah at Murshid Hospital
Dr. Yasmin Wejahat at Star Hospital
Dr. Shareef Bhutta
Dr. Aziz Kapadia

10 GIT
Dr. Hamid Manzoor at Qatar Hospital
Dr. Waseem Jafri at AKUH
Dr. Zaighum Abbas at AKUH

11 Hematologist & Oncologist
Dr. Tahir Shamsi
Dr. Zafar Hashmi at Liaquat National Hospital
Dr. Narjis Muzafar at Ziauddin Hospital

12 Medical (Internal Medicine)
Dr. Tahir at Remedial Hospital
Dr. Rauf Memon at Faiz-e-Aam Hospital
Dr. Shaheen Bhatti at Civil Hospital
Mamji Hospital
Remedial Hospital
Dr. Hamid Manzoor at Qatar Hospital

13 Neuro Surgery
Dr. Junaid Ashraf at Civil Hospital
Liaquat National Hospital

14 Neurology
Dr. Sarwar Siddiqui at Civil Hospital
Rehman Plaza Hospital (near OMI)
Dr. Shiraz Hyder at National Hospital, Defence

15 Orthopedics
Dr. A.R. Jamali at Jinnah Hospital
Faiz-e-Aam Hospital
Dr. Zaki Idrees at Liaquat National Hospital

16 Pain Management
Dr. Shakil Baig at Mehran Clinic

17 Phulmonary / Chest
Dr. Nadeem Rizvi at Jinnah Hospital
Medicare For Adult & Children

18 Physiotherapy
at Seven Day Hospital

19 Plastic Surgery
Dr. Tahir Sheikh at Anklesaria Hospital
Dr. Atia Hussain at Taj Medical Complex

20 Psychiatric
Dr. Shifa Naeem at AKUH
Dr. Amin Gadit

21 Psychologist
at Institute of Clinical Psychology, Gulistan-e-Johar

22 Radiology
Dr. Anees at National X-Ray

23 Peeds Surgen
Dr. Mohsin Azher Ali at OMI Hospital
Dr. Shahab Akhtar at Garden Medical Center

24 Skin
Dr. Zarnaz at Civil Hospital
Mehran Clinic
Dr. Badar Dhanai at Regal / Rimpa Plaza
Dr. Hamid Zaki at Ankle Seria Hospital
Faiz-e-Aam Hospital

25 Surgical
Dr. Saeed Qureshi at Anklesaria Hospital
Dr. Badar Siddiqi at Anklesaria Hospital
Dr. Nahid Sultan at Taj Medical Complex

26 Ultrasound
Dr. Tanveer Zubari at Haroon Chamber
Dr. Shahida Zaidi at Private Clinic, Kashmir Road

27 Urology
Dr. Aziz Abdullah at Seven Day Hospital
Dr. Altaf Hashmi at Burhani Hospital

28 Vascular Surgery
Dr. Khalid Mukhdomi at Liaquat National Hospital

List of Renowned Hospitals
SN Name Of Hospital Address Remarks
01 Agha Khan Hospital Stadium Road
02 Liaquat National Hospital Stadium Road
03 Seven Day Hospital M. A. Jinnah Road
04 Chinniot Hospital Korangi


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Anonymous said...

where are the malpractice acounts of these doctors?


Anonymous said...

how can you label someone without any proven fact. you did not give a single fact of their cheating or malpractice. just writting any body name is itself a crime.
think again about your work my dear.

Anonymous said...

Mrs Khan and VP.. He has given a list of reliable doctors (not the one doing malpractice). Did you even bother to read the whole article.Wonderful list..Thanks for posting it.