Friday, May 19, 2006


It rained today. I was on my baby sitting duty. In the evening when the children were busy watching TV I remembered 1992. I was about to leave on a long trip. One Sunday evening I was headed to my office when I stopped to fill gas in my car. Going to office Sunday evening was my routine remedy to fight the Sunday blues. It is like taking head-on what you are actually dreading. I put the nozzle in the gas tank and while waiting for the fill thought about the places the upcoming trip would take me to. I thought of very tall, old, kind, shade trees. I thought of wild animals. These most probably were the images from my childhood storybooks. But no matter what the origin of these thoughts was, the imagery made me elated. Few months later I took off. I went from one country to another for a duration of eight months, till I was out of money. That backpacking trip set me up for life. I made friends of all kinds of people and saw life in its thousand hues. I learned the frivolity of our existence and found the tools to keep life interesting. I mastered the art of subsisting on little, and learned to revel in abundance when it is chanced upon you.

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