Monday, October 29, 2012

Imran Khan in San Jose, California

On October 28, around 500 people gathered to listen to Imran Khan, head of the Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf, in San Jose.
The most important part of Khan’s speech was when he described his views on the Taliban in response to a question about his party’s tepid condemnation of the Taliban atrocities. It helped people understand how Imran Khan views the situation even when many would disagree with Khan’s analysis.

It is always hard to tell how many attendees of these fundraisers genuinely agree with Imran Khan’s political views instead of only being interested in having a photo with the pretty boy.

Imran Khan believes there are six types of Taliban.  The ones who want to enforce their 'Shariyat' are a minority among the bigger umbrella of the 'Taliban.'

Imran Khan does not seem to like criticism. He is probably only used to people who get speechless in his presence. The Mick Jagger look alike Pakistani politician dyes his hair regularly and does daily workout to maintain his fashion-model appearance. And in Pakistan—in the Pakistani diaspora as well--you go a long way by just being pretty. In a fundraiser speech on October 28 in San Jose, California Khan lumped sectarian violence in Pakistan with the Taliban reaction to the drone attacks and got away with the ridiculous analysis.

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