Sunday, October 21, 2012

NED Alumni Convention 2012, Washington DC

NED Alumni Convention 2012 Washington DC

Festivities at the eighth annual NED Alumni Convention held in Washington DC started Friday night when NEDians coming from all over North America were welcomed at a dinner and live music program.

On Saturday, October 13, this correspondent attended only one morning session: a presentation of ‘NED Alef’, a program to create a large endowment fund to benefit the NED University.  The presentation was made by Rashid Ali Baig.

According to the program brochure, the following two simultaneous presentations took place in the morning:
“Setting up MBE / 8(a) Enterprise” and “Intelligent Transportation Systems” [with Chris Francis, VDOT].

Project Indus was described as an “NEDians’ Initiative for building a stronger Pakistan.”  According to the program brochure the following speakers made up the panel of ‘Project Indus’:  Touqir Hussain (Former Ambassador), Walter Andersen, Ayesha Jalal, Hassan Abbas, and Moeed Yusuf.

After lunch, two buses hauled over 200 attendees of the convention to various Washington DC monuments.

In the evening speeches and dinner were followed by a music program that ended with NED alumni jamming the dance floor.

See photos here:

Listen to Aftab Rizvi’s speech here:

See a video of the grand finale of the music program here:

This is where the past NED Alumni conventions took place:

1st-2005 Houston, TX
2nd-2006 Edison, NJ
3rd-2007 San Jose, Northern California
4th-2008 Hartford, Connecticut
5th-2009 Garden Grove, Southern California
6th-2010 Chicago, IL
7th-2011 Parsippany, New Jersey

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2012 Sheraton Pentagon, Arlington, VA; Washington DC

Convention Steering Committee
Qamar Kazmi, CE 77 Arif Sattar, ME 86
Chairman Vice-Chair
Akbar Ansari, ME 78 Anwar Ansari, CE 82
Arif Mahmood, CE 87 Dr. Asma Ali, CE 94
Syed Mehdi Kamal, CE 82 Furqan Siddiqi, ME 78
Waqar Siddiqui, CE 90 Tanweer A Mallick, CE 79